The Operating System is actively soliciting manuscripts to be published as part of our "Unsilenced Texts"  series.

GLOSSARIUM: UNSILENCED TEXTS AND MODERN TRANSLATIONS was established in early 2016 in an effort to recover silenced voices outside and beyond the familiar poetic canon, seeking out and publishing both contemporary translations and little known (and unknown) out of print texts, in particular those under siege by restrictive regimes and silencing practices in their home (or adoptive) countries. 

The term “Glossarium” derives from latin/greek and is defined as “a collection of glosses or explanations of words, especially of words not in general use, as those of a dialect, locality or an art or science, or of particular words used by an old or a foreign author.” The series is curated by Managing Editor Lynne DeSilva-Johnson, assisted by Stephen Ross and Ariel Resnikoff, as well as with the help of a wide range of global allies and friends. 

We are specifically seeking dual-language translation or translingual projects, as well as archival / found / unknown / out of print projects in English. 

Our interest here is consistent with the rest of our catalog: we are open to any genre, as well as hybrid genre and scholarly work. Long fiction submissions are least in keeping with our interests, but if you feel a work of fiction in translation is strongly aligned with our mission, you are welcome to submit that as well.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the work in our catalog, in particular the work in translation. If you don't have any of our volumes, we ask that in good faith you consider purchasing a book to help offset our quickly growing costs! We are all volunteer run and have never charged for submissions in our history, but your help and support means a lot. Presses like ours our a community affair.

Check out our catalog here, where you can order any book at 20% off with a special code for submitters, "SUBMITTABLE," which you can enter at check out. There are also options below for you to order one of our books here at a discount directly via this submission -- please specify what book you choose in your cover letter if you select this option. Thank you! 

TERMS and CONTRACTS: as part of our commitment to transparency, we keep public the basic terms of our contracts, and help you see behind the curtain into how our agile, shoestring model operates. Because we don't charge fees and don't have institutional or major philanthropic support, a publishing agreement with the OS is a collaborative venture with fellow artists / poets focused on making a beautiful object, getting it into the archive, and into hands -- not a ticket to remunerative success, most likely. Please be familiar and comfortable with our terms!

Most importantly, we look forward to reading your work! 

With our best, 
The Operating System 
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