2017 will be the 6th year of our wildly popular poetry month series, an annual celebration which runs every day during April and hosts a poet** talking about another poet’s influence on their life and work. We’ve had a handful of return contributors but each entry highlights a unique poet — which means that we have an archive of 151 essays on a wide variety of poets and their influence on others in the creative community by the end of the 2016 series (yes, 151...we had a bonus this year)!

You can find all previous entries, in reverse chronological order, here.

Do take a look at these to get an idea of the stylistic diversity within the series, as well as to look over past subjects as we do not allow repeats of poets who've already been written on. (No worries though if you can't read them all, or don't want to scroll through to look for your choice! you can always email us at operator@theoperatingsystem.org to ask if someone's been written on).

(**FYI: the series is also open to non-poets writing on poetic influence on their practice!)

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