If you have a collaborative, interdisciplinary or performance volume that you are submitting SPECIFICALLY to The OS that aligns with our mission, which you cannot see existing on another press, OR if you / your organization want to work on developing a particular project collaboratively with Lynne DeSilva-Johnson, creative director, or our staff, please send an email to in addition to submitting here.

Any and all submissions will be reviewed. No new acceptances will be publicly announced until 3/2020, as we plan our catalog by calendar year. Expect a 3-6 month wait time for responses.

Thank you for your interest and support! Please keep reading the below before submitting.

THE OS PRESS reviews poetry, prose, creative nonfiction, plays, rogue-academic and other genre-nonconforming project manuscripts year round. We are a queer run, actively feminist, radical organization committed to social justice, as well as to bringing to print projects that may struggle to find a niche elsewhere.

Our intentions are primarily archive-driven: writing into the history and securing into the ontology the existence / persistence of avant-garde, experimental, radical voices and practices that might otherwise fade into invisibility / obscurity.

(Which is to say: if you're here with a straightforward book of fiction, we congratulate you on your accomplishment, but be aware that your work is the least likely to be considered.)

We publish full lengths all year round, as well as a 4-volume PRINT:DOCUMENT chapbook series each spring, which all chapbook submissions will be considered for.  Please submit directly to our chapbook series for shorter projects, and familiarize yourself with how that series works before you do!

Underrepresented voices are in particular encouraged to apply.

Note: Gender nonconforming / genderqueer / transgender / twospirit / agender / intersex / androgyne / genderfluid / neutrois / bigender and all other creative practitioners under the transgender umbrella should specifically indicate that their project should be considered for our KIN(D) texts and projects imprint, as we hold a portion of our catalog explicitly for work that extends beyond the cis-gendered norm/canon.

***READ and FOLLOW these guidelines when sending us work:***

Please be familiar with The Operating System before sending anything. In your cover letter, tell us why your book is a good fit for the OS! You might mention what other OS books you have read, or other OS projects you've contributed to online or off. How do you imagine your work will fit in with other books in our catalog? We are best able to work with submissions that clearly demonstrate an awareness of what we're about.

MISSION / ETHICS COMPLIANCE: We reserve the right to roundly reject any and all submissions that contain misogynistic, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, ableist, or other hateful content. If your work contains any potentially offensive or triggering content, but you believe it is still appropriate for the OS, please include a trigger warning in your cover letter.  

TRANSPARENCY CHECK-IN:  Publishing is a labor of love. We have never since our inception charged for manuscript review, but if in good faith you'd consider supporting our all volunteer labor by buying a book, you'll find options for book / chapbook / series purchase below. You can also buy directly from the OS online store and use a special 20% discount for submitters, with the code "SUBMITTABLE" at checkout. Please specify what book you choose in your cover letter if you order directly through submittable!

TERMS and CONTRACTS: as part of our commitment to transparency, we keep public the basic terms of our contracts, and help you see behind the curtain into how our agile, shoestring model operates. Because we don't charge fees and don't have institutional or major philanthropic support, a publishing agreement with the OS is a collaborative venture with fellow artists / poets focused on making a beautiful object, getting it into the archive, and into hands -- not a ticket to remunerative success, most likely. Please be familiar and comfortable with our terms!

Thank you and keep writing!
The Operating System Team

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.