The Operating System invites you to be part of a very special series curated by OS founder/creative director Lynne DeSilva-Johnson (@thetroublewithbartleby) celebrating the life and work of Marthe Reed, as we eagerly anticipate the release of her masterwork, 'Ark Hive,' from the OS in February. Friends, colleagues, and others touched by this magnificent, generous woman/poet/human are invited to select an excerpt either from the manuscript (which can be provided to you via pdf) or from other work of Marthe's, to share on the OS website alongside a personal anecdote, story, or other memory of Marthe. The series will run as long as there are pieces received and memories shared. Submissions may be included in a special section within Ark Hive meant to honor her life and work, which we feel must become as much a part of the archive as the text itself. 

Ephemera, photos, video, audio, and other archival documentation welcomed / encouraged.

**Please email if you would like access to the PDF to select an excerpt from it.