Beginning 2018 at the Operating System, there will be several online features and series run by our new Contributing Editors. The Experimental Speculative Poetics series, spearheaded by Kenyatta JP García, will be focused on new approaches to speculative poetry as speculative poetry is arguably one of the oldest forms of poetry. I mean, you telling me, Gilgamesh isn’t spec po

So, what are we looking for? Ex-Spec Po. We're interested in seeing speculative poetry but with a more experimental twist. We want sci-fi, fantasy, Afro-futurism, magical realism, retro-futures, weird westerns, paranormal, supernatural, superhero, fairy tales, Southern and Ethnic Gothic imaginings but with a fresher take. We'd like postmodernist and meta-modernists approaches to the weird. Dada and surrealism, oulipo, uncreative writing, erasures, really push the boundaries of innovation while wandering through many realms and dimensions of the often unexplainable. Let’s see how can a poet apply hyperrealism to the speculative? Is there a post-conceptual way to take on such imaginary narratives? Is there a way to bring speculative poetry and the post-avant-garde worlds together? We sure hope so.

"Poetics" is understood broadly here. Prose form? Sure. Research driven? Sure. Hybrid? Fantastic. We are open to multimedia, as well. If you have any questions about your work, let us know. 

Submit 1-3 pages of work as a PDF or .doc file, .jpg or .png for images. got questions? Email us.

We'd also like you to tell us about your work in this area and what it means to you -- the OS is always interested in the back-end of the code.

FYI: We are a queer run, actively feminist, radical organization committed to social justice, as well as to bringing to print projects that may struggle to find a niche elsewhere. We reserve the right to roundly reject any and all submissions that contain misogynistic, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, ableist, or other hateful content. If your work contains any potentially offensive or triggering content, but you believe it is still appropriate for the OS, please include a trigger warning in your cover letter.