The Operating System

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

June 4, 2022

A message from The Operating System 

Dear friends and potential collaborators: 

Please note that we have permanently closed submissions to The Operating System and are in a time of pivoting this platform to primarily be a place for the public to find and use tools, resources, and our archive of projects. We closed open submissions for print publications, as well as shut down direct sales, in 2020.

The Operating System community has been invited, since inception, to initiate their own projects, imprints, productions, tools, and resources, as well as to be a part of Liminal Lab, and that invitation continues! This shift on Submittable just formalizes a shift that was put in place two years ago, and sends folks interested in working "with" the OS to use the resources and tools developed over the decade of this experiment's iteration, encouraging all of you to produce work using this model, on your own or in your communities.

You will find OS projects and publications permanently archived here, in the Open Access Library with a downloadable pdf of each for free or donation, as well as with links and more information about each project and its creators. 

Over the last few years, the internal processes and strategies of the OS have been being turned into concrete, scalable, replicable tools, currently available for use and sharing as part of the Open Resource Hub, and in particular within the Open Project Tools. These will become increasingly concretized over this transition period, and could be invaluable for anyone publishing and designing their own project, designing and distributing / editing others' projects in community, and/or starting a publishing initiative.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support over the years. I hope the archival form of this experiment may ultimately have the greatest impact of all. 


In solidarity and possibility

Elæ Moss

The Operating System